Inside Out

You hear “spiritual journey” and you think immediately… weirrrrdo. It’s actually not. It’s a journey that most of us do not understand or even take the time to understand. Two messages I received today were asking for “positive vibes” and “self enlightening energy”. They both are struggling with things that have been heavy for awhile.Continue reading “Inside Out”

How will you respond to your wound?

I sometimes wonder if I am sent places on purpose. I went to church at 9am this morning. Less people, more focus. Today was about “Encounters”. He spoke about wounds. Wounds that you wrestle with and lose the battle to. I think we all have had these at one point in our life. Infidelity, death,Continue reading “How will you respond to your wound?”

“Make peace with your past, be in the now”

This is Joni. My numerologist. Not a psychic. She’s been a driving force in my recreation and learning myself. Where I’m going. Where I’ve been. She teaches me to rise up, embrace the healing process and release anything that doesn’t serve me. I stay in constant contact with her as my numbers are always shifting.Continue reading ““Make peace with your past, be in the now””