Looking Ahead

  • Moved on from the big breakup.
  • Survived the heat of Covid-19.
  • Passed 15 weeks of Statistics.
  • FULL acceptance into Psych NP program.
  • San Diego, CA July.
  • Santa Rosa, FL in August.
  • Monterey, CA in September.

All in the last 105 days. Whatever it is you’re going through, you will survive. I promise. I thought I wouldn’t survive the first three. I did. I’ve reconnected and connected with so many old and new friends in that time. Helped people that needed my strength. Or needed reminded they are not alone. Also did some leaning myself at times. I’ve rebuilt my life in such a short time. Who would have thought the darkness would have led to more light than ever. If you need a little push with anything you’re going through, please reach out! You are not alone. Stay safe!

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