Note To Self

Talk nice to yourself. Be confident. Own it. Take the damn selfie. It’s not a sign of mental illness if you don’t have to remind people you have boobs. Take the trip. You can always make more money. Go back to school. Don’t ever let someone belittle you for being more educated than them. Get that attorney. Defend your name when someone tries to throw mud on it. Love the skin you’re in. The inside is far better than the outside. People will prove that. Listen to people when they tell you you’re beautiful. You are. You will find someone just as beautiful as you. If someone wants their ex (or your ex), let them have them. The first cut is always better than the second. Don’t reflect on the beginning of a past relationship. They are all amazing starts. Focus on the ending. Took me awhile to stop this. Delete the photos. You don’t need them. Just don’t take the same ones with the next one. Stay off their social media. Block them. Not everyone is the same both publicly and privately. Own your shit. If you do someone wrong, apologize. Respect yourself. And others. Big word for some. Be selfish. If it isn’t serving you, leave. Don’t lay next to a stranger. Or let anyone lay hands on you. That’s not normal, or love. Have those opposite sex friendships. Only insecure people or people who like to cheat will think you are sleeping with all of them. Let them. If it takes you awhile to get over someone, take the time. If someone tries to tell people you are crazy, let them. Time will reveal all. Never sell your home for anyone. Ever. Don’t take that independence away from yourself. That’s allowing them total control. Never depend on anyone. Cut up your credit cards. Pay cash only. Don’t sleep with your ex. Or have sleepovers. Or even dinner. Especially if they’re married. Coparent like a champ. If people can’t understand your willingness to do that, that’s on them. If the coparenting shows a lot of emotions, someone is still leaving that door ajar. Don’t be quick to replace anyone. You’ll look desperate. And afraid to be alone. Be strong. Those red flags in the beginning are what will ultimately end it. Don’t ever be ashamed of your childhood. Your body. Your passion. Your integrity. Your loyalty.

Talk to yourself like you would the person you are in love with. Watch your confidence change. The way you carry yourself. How comfortable you are inside. Be the tallest in the room. Let them be intimated by you. You’ll weed out the weak ones real fast. And always remember. Help people. You aren’t your past. Take it and do better. Be better. Everyone lives different. Married. Single. Dating. Alone. Not everyone has to have the same path. And nothing is wrong with you if you don’t have what everyone else has right now. You’ll get there. You’ll find your person. The one that fits. And when you do, take the chance. Jump in head first. And always be kind to yourself.

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